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Be Kind

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THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! Tees will be available for purchase until Monday June 22nd. They will be printed and shipped by June 30th.

Shirts are printing with a split fountain gradient of melatones on the Bella Canvas white 100% soft combed cotton tees.


If you keep asking yourself “What can I do?” about racism and oppression, you are not alone. I found myself asking one of my best friends this question last week, and can’t help but move forward with the advice her and her husband have provided.
1. LEARN about black history and how deep rooted oppression is
2. CHANGE the dialogue in your daily conversations
3. SUPPORT the good work our black communities are doing

By purchasing one of these shirts, you can be a part of the change. You will be prompted to learn about black history, change the dialogue in your daily conversations when you wear this shirt, and you will support the work of the rebuilding Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

All profits will be donated to rebuild Greenwood in honor of the work our sweet friends Mike and Tara are doing in their own circle of the world.

Emily Dinkines