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  • Image of Sophia Strong Local Pickup
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#SOPHIASTRONG - Sophia's story

Sophia Weihermueller is a 6 year old residing in the Children's Center in Bethany, OK. In a blink of an eye Sophia went from being a typical little girl to recovering the effects of severe brain injuries.

Sophia had an AVM which causes a malformation in her brain. It was this AVM that caused her to wake up one night in excruciating pain and losing all use of her left side. Many children who experience an AVM rupturing are likely not to survive. However, by the grace of God this little girl made it.

Her story has included several surgeries and treatment for strokes which happened during the event. Her brain was left extremely swollen which in turn was the reason the neurosurgeon removed a part of her skull creating a window for her brain to swell. Her bone was successfully replaced at the end of January.

She has come a long way in her therapy and yet still has a long way to go. We ask you to join us in supporting Sophia and her family.

Learn more about her by searching Facebook with hashtag #sophiastrong

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