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Shirts will be available for purchase until March 14th, 2018. Shirts will be printed and shipped by April 1st, 2018.

These are printing with white ink on the Next Level 60/40 Heather Charcoal Unisex tee.

"Hey everyone! My name’s Jordan Kouri and this September I’m going on a 9 month mission trip with the World Race. My team will be working in Guatemala, Malaysia, Thailand, and Swaziland and our outreach will range from medical missions and teaching English as a second language, to doing street evangelism with local churches.

The T-shirt design is inspired by the coming of age book, Killing Lions, written by John Eldredge. It seemed fitting, as fundraising has been an intimidating task and preparing to leave for 9 months has had the potential to be disheartening—very exciting, but intimidating. The shirts represent the need to take heart as we go through daunting trials.

In the months leading up to leaving, I have to fundraise to pay for food, travel, and housing. The profits from these shirts are going towards those needs, as well as supporting our ministry needs in each country.

Thank you so much for your support in this,

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